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emberin specialises in workplace inclusion and diversity solutions and is committed to working with business leaders to get the best out of each and every employee.

Over the past ten years, we have worked with over 30,000 leaders and employees to build and embed inclusion in organisations around the world. Our award-winning online programs have assisted many leaders and teams to go beyond just ticking the boxes, and to understanding exactly how inclusion can lead their business to successful, sustainable, high impact results. And the good news is, we’ve included everything you need to run these programs because we know how busy HR professionals can be.

Always engaging and never dull our programs provide more than just a learning tool. It’s a journey. One that creates lasting cultural change and that connects with each and every employee to ensure results. Designed to enhance employee performance and productivity so your team can deliver positive and valuable contributions that exceed the expectations of the business.

At the Academy, we’ll show you how to:

  • Get REAL diversity and inclusion results
  • Influence your leaders to really lead in diversity and inclusion
  • Make INCLUSION ‘how to’ part of your female rising stars
  • Accelerate the career development of your female rising stars
  • Set up a structured mentoring program that removes bias
  • Boost employee moral and raise retention
  • Gain new and professional skills and insights
  • Inspire, connect and motivate team members
  • Achieve ROI and high-performance results

Our focus is to help you set your team up for success through continual learning and proven staged learning. Enable your team to learn, grow and develop critical skills that will contribute effectively to your inclusion and diversity goals, and your bottom line.
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