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Courage: Inclusive Leadership in Action


Leaders want to know HOW

Are you struggling to get buy in from your leaders around diversity AND inclusion?

Our Courage: Leadership in Action course has been designed to deliver RESULTS based on proven tried and tested results we have had with our clients.

The course whilst it includes lots of learning is not a program, it is an experience!

It has some very intentional elements which may seem annoying, but trust us – they are critical to success. The course is:

    1. Designed to ACCELERATE results and ROI because it requires leaders to DO things – starting with baby steps. It also requires those leaders to be accountable for the actions that they take – talking is not rewarded – walking is rewarded!


    1. Focussed on the practical “how to” – “how do I say that”, “what should I do in this situation?”..


    1. Designed to enable you to get CRITICAL MASS – so true CULTURAL CHANGE. If you don’t plan to get critical mass and support middle management in buying in – you will not succeed, and may as well not do anything.


    1. Based on the premise that organisations need to leverage ALL of their human capital – not just talent. It supports leaders in understanding that organisations waste human capital – and each and every leader has to take ownership and action to leverage ALL of the human capital- not just HR, the Executive, my boss etc….ME!


    1. Based on staged learning and action principles. We know based on experience that one off workshops don’t work. The course focusses on behavioural change over a defined time period – with experiments, actions, challenges and lots of practice.


    1. Doesn’t involve huge amounts of face time and time out of the business.


    1. Designed with easy instructions for time pressured HR teams. Set a start date, determine who – GO! We have all the templates and tools you need – all the instructions are crystal clear.


I have recently completed the inspiring Women program through the PSC. I would be interested in followingthis through. As part of my goals from this program I said I wanted to write a story for my grandchildren.

I have done it and am now in the process of researching how to get it published. I tested it on my 6 year old grand-daughter and she loved it and kept asking me to read it again. I am also following through on further writing training so I have achieved.

Thanks to the program. I thought I had covered a lot of this at uni and through various courses I have done but there is always something you can take from a course like this.

Lois Lindsay
Analyst, Queensland Audit Office

I’m getting such terrific feedback from the men in our business about the unconscious bias presentation yesterday, thanks for your inspiring words Maureen! This is a message from one of our men that I received this morning: The presentation that Maureen gave was invaluable! Once I was blind, now I can see 🙂

Lisa Whitehead
Operations Manager


Course Modules

  1. Business Case
  2. Unconscious Bias
  3. Dissecting ‘Merit’
  4. Inclusive Leadership
  5. Tackling Resistance
  6. Flexibility Challenge
  7. Style Difference
  8. Collaborating inclusively
  9. Mentoring and Sponsoring Inclusively
  10. Inclusive Culture


Our courses are available for both a hard copy or online delivery depending on your individual needs or availability to access.

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