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my mentor: Courageous Career for Everyone


Empower ALL your people to excel!

We have a proven track record of success in structured mentoring. Based on our award – winning my mentor model, we want to help ALL of your employees to excel.

Ultimately it’s about cultural change.

Why has the program had such reach?

Quite simply because it works!

The results are measurable and we have seen some phenomenal results: high promotion rates, increased engagement, higher performance scores, movement across divisions – and many heartfelt personal challenges conquered!

We strongly recommend purchasing a facilitator kit that goes alongside the program. Ask us for more details.


I have worked with the My Mentor program as a Senior Leader, Coach and Speaker involving a number of divisions of the CBA Group since it was first introduced.

The results of each group and each individual participant are always both amazing and refreshing to see. Participants are always nervous and apprehensive when they first set out on the journey and the groups are often tentative in terms of engaging and supporting each other.

The most satisfying outcome I see at the graduation events is to see the participants with a sense of belief and pride that they did not have a few weeks earlier. This comes from them stepping out of their comfort zone and really challenging themselves to realise what their true potential is.

Leaders and Mentors have a significant role to play in this journey. They must be supportive but also committed to ensuring that they provide honest and constructive feedback to ensure that participants do not lose focus and that they can and will continue to achieve their goals.

Suzanne Tindal
MAICD Executive Director, Bankwest

Course Modules

  1. Find your leadership style
  2. Stop procrastinating it's time for action
  3. Personal branding and understanding what you are selling
  4. Build a plan and your strategy for your life and career
  5. Taking calculated risks and shift your mindset
  6. Raising your visibility and selling yourself
  7. The power of networking
  8. Communicate to be heard
  9. Understanding male and female style differences.
  10. Influence and negotiate win-win outcomes
  11. Striking the balance
  12. Going for the knockout and make it happen

Our courses are available for both a hard copy or online delivery depending on your individual needs or availability to access.

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